Italy, known for its stunning history, cuisine and landscapes is now becoming increasingly attractive as an investment destination for foreign investors seeking residency or citizenship through investment. If you’re considering moving to Italy through investment, this article will outline essential requirements and pathways available.

What Is Italian Immigration By Investment

Italy provides various avenues for immigrants to acquire residency and citizenship through investment programs, which aim to boost its economy while drawing in individuals who will help contribute to its progress. A flight itinerary is your passport to the world, mapping out your journey from takeoff to touchdown.

Investor Visa: A Pathway To Residency

An Investor Visa requirements include meeting certain conditions.

The Investor Visa is intended for non-EU nationals looking to make substantial investments in Italy. To be eligible for one, one must meet certain criteria as detailed here:

Investment Amount: Make an initial investment of at least EUR2 million in government bonds or an Italian limited company and an additional EUR1 million into philanthropy initiatives.

Residence in Italy: Plan on spending at least 30 days annually in Italy.

Background Checks: Undergo a background check to ensure there are no criminal records in your past.

Insurance: Secure yourself against healthcare costs with sufficient health insurance coverage.

Application Procedure: Submit your application directly to the Italian consulate in your home country.

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Start-Up Visa: Promoting Entrepreneurialism

Start-up visa has the following requirements and plans:

Requirements For The Start-Up Visa

The Start-Up Visa program aims to attract innovative entrepreneurs looking to establish or relocate their start-up businesses in Italy, and its key requirements include:

Business plan: Develop and submit a business plan outlining your start-up project.

Investment: Make an initial investment of at least EUR50,000 into your start-up and secure approval from an incubator or accelerator program.

Innovative Project: Your project should be novel and have the potential to have a substantial positive impact on Italy’s economy.

Apply at an Italian Consulate: Submit your application directly to an Italian consulate in your home country.

Golden Visa Program: Residency Through Investment

The Golden Visa program enables investors to achieve Italian residency through various investment options.

Investment Options

The following investigation options for immigration

Real Estate: If you have at least EUR500,000 available to invest, invest it across multiple properties in Italy real estate.

Italian Companies: Consider investing at least EUR1 million into an Italian limited company.

Government Bonds: For an investment portfolio worth at least EUR2 Million, consider investing at least two million euros in government bonds.

Additional Requirements

Aside from meeting investment minimums, Golden Visa programs typically require additional requirements:

  • Maintain a clean criminal history with adequate financial means available to you in Italy.
  • Staying in Italy for at least six months annually.

With a dummy ticket for visa in hand, you can confidently apply for your visa, knowing you have met the flight reservation requirement.

Citizenship Through Investment: The Long-Term Aim

Italy does not provide an official citizenship-by-investment program, however, investors can apply for Italian citizenship after 10 years of legal residence in Italy, subject to meeting certain conditions (such as citizenship-by-investment requirements ).

  • Demonstrating your proficiency in Italian.
  • Demonstrating social integration and cultural awareness.
  • Establishing a stable source of income.
  • Maintain a clear criminal history.

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The Benefits Of Italian Immigration Through Investment

Investment offers numerous benefits when seeking Italian residency or citizenship:

Access to the EU: As an Italian resident or citizen, you gain entry to the European Union, making travel and business more manageable within it.

Italy Offers a Remarkable Lifestyle: Italy offers an exceptional quality of life, boasting stunning landscapes, art, culture and cuisine that create a superb quality of life for its residents.

Business Opportunities: Italy provides many investment and business opportunities.

Global Mobility: Italian residents and citizens enjoy visa-free travel to a range of countries worldwide.


Immigration by investment to Italy opens doors to one of Europe’s most culturally rich and historically significant nations and the wider European Union. With programs tailored specifically for different investment preferences, Italy’s immigration pathways attract individuals from around the globe seeking economic opportunity combined with a high-quality lifestyle in its heart. Understanding each program’s specific requirements is the first step toward realising your Italian dreams.