Working at a nonprofit organization can be challenging. While the mission of the company is rewarding, due to the service-based nature, it can be tough to get the funding you need to successfully market and promote yourself. Here are four ways you can start promoting your nonprofit organization without spending a lot of money.

Employ Word-Of-Mouth

One of the best advertising and promotion tactics of all time continues to be word-of-mouth advertising. Word-of-mouth advertising carries the benefit of being strongly relationship-driven and having credibility and endorsement innately attached to any recommendation.

Nowadays, you can use social media to help promote word-of-mouth advertising. Strategically use testimonials and case studies of those who are impacted by the work of your nonprofit organization to help build credibility and empathy with new audiences. These are much stronger than linking to service pages or a simple “Donate” landing page since they provide a real-life example of your impact to prospects and potential donors.

Use A Content-Driven Approach

One of the most inexpensive and effective marketing approaches you can take is using a content-driven approach. Instead of focusing on getting people to donate money, focus on long-form keywords that may eventually lead prospective donors into your funnel. For example, writing a piece of content with the focus “how to give back this holiday season” is a great idea, because this is probably a term that a lot of people search for, especially around Christmas. In putting together this piece of content as a blog post, you can include your organization as a suggested way to give back. This way you are indirectly promoting yourself in a way that serves the user’s original needs and search terms.

Partner Up

In the nonprofit world, there are always opportunities to link up with other service organizations to help achieve common goals. Find an organization that’s complementary to your own, and host an event together. You can even theme the event, or invite other groups to increase awareness and drive attendance. By partnering with other organizations, you’ll be able to leverage each other’s networks and get in front of a larger potential audience to secure donations and interest.

Start A Google Ads Grant Account

Paid advertising is an effective promotional tool, but it can be expensive. As a nonprofit, you can get started using Google Ads today with the help of a Google Ads Grant Account. Google Ad Grants is a donation program started by Google in 2018 that distributes free in-kind advertising to select 501 nonprofit organizations. If you apply and qualify, your organization becomes eligible to receive up to $10,000 per month in in-kind advertising within the Google Ads search engine marketing platform.

If this sounds overwhelming, then a company like can easily help you set up an account, and launch your paid ads campaign with supported funding. Promoting your nonprofit is a challenge, but it’s one that’s incredibly worthwhile and rewarding. Get started with these promotion tips today.